The World’s Experiences At Your Fingertips.

Neuwly helps anyone host and discover exclusive virtual live events around the world.

How does Neuwly Live Work


Inspiring experiences make life exciting and now they are easier to find and attend than ever. Search for something new to learn on the weekend, see what trending event is coming up, book your next pottery class or even live through the eyes of your favourite adventurer. When you use Neuwly Live living your best life is just a click away.


A key part of picking up a new skill is learning from those who are more experienced. We trust their knowledge and expertise to guide our way and Neuwly Live brings these experts directly to you giving you live unfiltered access to their knowledge, skills and experience. Whether your the host or the viewer, Neuwly Live is the place to connect and learn in an authentic way.


Our goal is to help you experience the rich variety of sights, adventures and learning our world has to offer – virtually. Go ahead, see what is out there, do something new and perhaps host your first ever live experience. Inspire others to tread in your wake or become a guide to others embarking on their newest journey. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish with us.

Our Story

Neuwly was founded on the belief that the more we experience in life the happier we are.  With the use of live video as a bridge to the world we are able to discover, connect, and experience more in an authentic way with the world around us.  While there are many things to experience around the world, we realized that by giving more access to people through live video the world becomes accessible from anywhere.  

The new world is on the horizon and we can’t wait to introduce you to what comes next.

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Our pricing is simple and straight forward. You keep 80% and we use the rest to cover all credit card fees, hosting fees, and platform fees, so you can easily go live and grow your influence around the world.

We’re only successful when you’re successful!!

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