How do you get paid with Neuwly?

  • We have always strived here at Neuwly to make things as simple and straightforward as possible for everyone. Getting paid is no different. With complete openness the cost structure is as follows: You (the Host) receives 60% of all earnings minus a minor processing fee charged from our payment processing company Stripe Inc. The second portion of 30% is required by Apple Inc. for their In-App purchase contract. And the remaining 10% is what we at Neuwly use to pay all hosting fees, commissions, etc. 
  • We have set up payments to you (the Host) to be deposited into your bank account (once your bank account is setup in our Banking Details page in the User Profile) each month on the last day of that month. It will be exchanged one for one Bills for US dollars. 

Do you have an Android App or Desktop Version?

  • We are currently in development of an Android based App. Please look back soon.
  • As for a desktop version, our focus has been on mobile to allow the most freedom and access to all of our viewers and hosts.  (However our app is fully functional on an Apple iPad if you would like to use more of a desktop feel)

What are Bills?

  • As required by Apple Inc. and their In-App purchase requirements we have created our own currency called ‘Bill’. They are equivalent to 1 US dollar. Each purchase can be made straight across 1 Bill = 1USD. Use these Bills to purchase any experience on the Neuwly Platform.

How to list your first event?

  • Listing your first event is easy. Simply go to the Me page on the bottom right corner of the app. Select the Host event button. Fill out the specific fields starting from name. Add a picture. Select a date. Then you’ll want to select the length of your event (notice we currently only allow events of 60 min length). If it is a paid event simply enter the amount. If it is a FREE event, we allow you to put a suggested value to help viewers understand the value of your event. Once you have described your event and added the pertinent information select the ‘Schedule’ button at the bottom and your event will have been created.
  • Once you have created your event, make sure to market your event. This can be done by selecting your event under ‘Scheduled Events’ on the Me page, choose the share icon on the right hand side of your profile picture, take that link and share it with all of your friends and followers via text, email, or through other social media accounts.  The last step is go live and start to influence the world!