How to list your first event?

  • Listing your first event is easy. Simply go to the Me page on the bottom right corner of the app. Select the Host event button. Fill out the specific fields starting from name. Add a picture. Select a date. Then you’ll want to select the length of your event (notice we currently only allow events of 60 min length). If it is a paid event simply enter the amount. If it is a FREE event, we allow you to put a suggested value to help viewers understand the value of your event. Once you have described your event and added the pertinent information select the ‘Schedule’ button at the bottom and your event will have been created.
  • Once you have created your event, make sure to market your event. This can be done by selecting your event under ‘Scheduled Events’ on the Me page, choose the share icon on the right hand side of your profile picture, take that link and share it with all of your friends and followers via text, email, or through other social media accounts. ┬áThe last step is go live and start to influence the world!